AIR’s mission includes connecting the complex regulatory ecosystem to share best practices, build connective tissue across siloed entities, and inspire innovation. We host events with stakeholders across all disciplines — regulatory, technology, academic, industry — and drive conversation into action.  If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

AIR Events


MDI Innovate: A Purposeful Journey into Digitization

MDI Innovate: A Purposeful Journey into Digitization is AIR's third convening focused on Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs). This event on May 2, 2024 in Washington, D.C. will be an in-person strategic gathering aimed at addressing the critical issue of digital modernization faced by MDIs.


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RegTech Expo 2024

Stop in to the foyer of the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill for the chance to view live demos of RegTech solutions from companies and agencies that are using technology to make financial regulation more effective. Drinks and light bites will be provided while you explore intriguing high-tech tools.


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NextGenAI Shared Learning Series

The NextGenAI virtual Shared Learning Series includes informative and engaging sessions covering a variety of generative AI-related topics catering to key stakeholders including financial regulators, financial service providers, technology providers, consumer advocacy groups and academia. The series begins April 2024 and runs through September 2024.


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Digital ID Roundtable

AIR and the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program (Aspen FSP) are partnering to explore how Digital ID can serve as a safe gateway to financial inclusion. To gather perspectives, AIR and Aspen FSP are collaborating with Alex Johnson (Fintech Takes) to convene a roundtable of stakeholders to inform our collective work on Digital ID. This event is invite-only and not open to the public.


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RegTech Expo 2023

Stop in to the foyer of the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill for the chance to view live demos of RegTech solutions from companies and agencies that are using technology to make financial regulation more effective. Drinks and light bites will be provided while you explore intriguing high-tech tools.


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The Future of Minority Depository Institutions: MDI ConnectTech

This in-person event in Washington, D.C. is designed to bring together a diverse community to tackle what’s at stake for bank and credit union MDIs, explore the technological challenges facing these institutions, and to chart a path for how MDIs can thrive in the digital age.


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Make Money Green: Climate, ESG and Financial Regulation

Green finance represents a new frontier for financial companies and their regulators. As demand rises for information on climate and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, regulators will be challenged to identify and mitigate the financial system risks that are emerging.


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Into the Cloud: Whether, Why and How Financial Institutions Are Adopting Cloud Computing

In this webinar, we explored where we are today in terms of cloud adoption in financial services: how is it being adopted, what is it enabling, what opportunities does it enable, how can risks be addressed, and what regulatory barriers exist?


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Developing the Digital Regulator

As digitization and software transform how the world engages in financial activity, it’s time to ask whether regulators have the culture, tools, and technology needed to keep pace. Some have argued that regulators need to become more like the quantitative and digital firms that they regulate by leveraging next-generation technologies and talent. Using status quo approaches, can financial regulators detect risks in fast-changing markets, including those related to cybersecurity, fraud, financial crime, and trading manipulation? Can they properly monitor, detect, and assess bias in consumer-facing models? This program sought to answer these questions in two ways.


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AI and Financial Regulation: Exploring Benefits and Managing Risks

AIR partnered with Google to host a webinar, ‘AI and Financial Regulation: Exploring Benefits and Managing Risks’. Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are transforming the way financial services institutions monitor and mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance. The discussion included policymakers, thought leaders, technologists, and AI/ML subject matter experts to learn more about AI/ML advances, regulatory considerations, and ways to maximize the benefits and mitigate the risks of these new technologies.


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Consumer Protection: Hot Topics in Digital Finance

AIR partnered with Consumer Reports and Consumer Federation of America to host a virtual convening on three hot issues in emerging consumer financial services. We gathered thought leaders from all corners of the money ecosystem to discuss consumer financial data permissioning, cryptocurrencies and new forms of lending. Is innovation bad for consumers? Panelists included academics, advocates, business leaders, and regulators about the benefits of new technology and how we can create a marketplace where fair financial services predominate.


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Community Banks and Innovation: Helping Small Banks Compete in the Digital Age

Community banks are essential to America's wellbeing but are under stress today from multiple forces. Challenged to compete with both large banks and fintechs, smaller institutions are well positioned to pioneer focused innovation in financial services, but need access to innovative technology that equips them to meet customers’ rising expectations and to contain operating and compliance costs.


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Regulating for Fair Finance: There is a will and there is a way

AIR facilitated a lively conversation among globally-leading thinkers from across the financial regulatory ecosystem -- a banker, a tech expert, a regulator, and a leader of the global regulatory innovation community. Each proposed the most practical steps to take, now, to rapidly advance regtech progress. Each suggested the game-changing strategies to launch, now, to make the next decade produce an interoperable, data-centered, AI-enabled regulatory system. From digital regulatory reporting to machine-readable regulation, what should we do and where should we start, to realize the goal of genuinely fair finance? Read the Fair Finance Report here.


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Regulators Using Open Source: the FCA and the CFPB

As a follow up to the Introduction to Open Source, AIR partnered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the U.S. Financial Consumer Protection Bureau (CFPB) to share regulators’ direct experience using Open Source.


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Introduction to Open Source for Regulators

AIR launched its new learning program, air.ed, with a webinar on Open Source — this is the first in a series of technology air events for regulators. The event was co-hosted by the Fintech Open Source Foundation, FINOS, and covered the basics of Open Source and its potential in financial regulation.


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Capitol Hill Briefing on Legal Impediments to Innovation

AIR and the Omidyar Network asked the Buckley law firm to prepare a pro bono analysis of federal laws and protocols that may impede technology innovation by U.S. financial regulators. The Buckley study, entitled Innovation by Financial Regulators: Administrative and Regulatory Hurdles to Innovation, is based on off-the-record interviews with a range of agency officials regarding obstacles to such efforts. We held a one-hour briefing on the report on Capitol Hill.


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