AIR Vision

AIR envisions a world where digital modernization of the regulatory system will redress systemic inequity in financial services creating a fair financial system for all.

AIR Mission

AIR’s mission is to promote a fair financial system by helping catalyze the transformation of the global financial regulatory system to a digitally-native design.

AIR seeks to make financial services inclusive, accessible, and affordable for everyone; protect consumers from discrimination and predatory practices; and stop financial crime (e.g. money laundering and human trafficking).

What is an Alliance?

AIR is not a trade group or member-based organization, but rather an independent, non-partisan, 501c3. We are an informal alliance of innovators across the financial regulatory ecosystem – regulators, consumer advocates, fintechs, regtechs, and financial institutions – who jointly recognize the urgency of building a modern digital regulatory infrastructure, needed to effectively regulate an industry already transformed by technology.