Into the Cloud: Whether, Why and How

Financial Institutions Are Adopting Cloud Computing


The financial services industry is experiencing rapid transformation given the increasing role of technology in core operational, communications, compliance, transactional, and customer engagement functions. Underpinning much of this transformation is adoption of cloud technology in a range of financial services activities spanning consumer banking, financial markets, and more.

In this webinar, we explored where we are today in terms of cloud adoption in financial services: how is it being adopted, what is it enabling, what opportunities does it enable, how can risks be addressed, and what regulatory barriers exist? The program sought to answer those questions in three ways:

First, we heard an overview of recent global survey results on financial services cloud adoption in the banking and financial services industry across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Then FDIC Chief Innovation Officer Sultan Meghji joined AIR CEO Jo Ann Barefoot for a Fireside Chat exploring how agencies are viewing cloud adoption by industry.

Finally, we heard from a panel of industry participants sharing specific case studies that bring the survey results to life, ranging from retail banking to capital markets to regtech advances.



Fireside Chat:

Panel Discussion:

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