Carl Hoffman

CEO and Co-founder of Basis Technology

Lifetime entrepreneur with experience in text analytics, cyber forensics, and cross-border ventures. Co-founder of Basis Technology and investor in Customer Matrix, Diffeo, Lucidworks, Luminoso, Polyswarm, Recorded Future, Tamr, and Zoomd. Advisor to Diffeo, PolySwarm, and Thrive Bioscience. Delivered key enabling technology to Amazon and Google for their Japan market launches, and to Bing and Yahoo for their Asian expansion. Worked with the US Intelligence Community on high volume, multilingual DOMEX, HUMINT, OSINT, and SIGINT. Non-profit experience as business development director of the Free Software Foundation and director of the Unicode Consortium. Spent formative years at MIT as a student, teaching assistant, and research assistant at the AI Lab and Project MAC.