AIR is a global nonprofit, non-membership organization dedicated to ensuring that the digital transformation of finance is matched by digital transformation of financial regulation, equipping regulators to meet their mandate to make the financial sector resilient, inclusive and fair.

Financial regulation should be a potent force for good. It should operate as an invisible force in people’s lives, ensuring that consumers are shielded from discrimination and abuse, that small businesses can access capital, that criminals cannot use the banking system to hide illicit activity, and that financial catastrophes are averted. AIR educates, connects, and supports the regulatory ecosystem to help realize these goals.

The Latest

PODCAST • How Minority-Backed Institutions Can Stay Competitive in Digital Age

In this special episode, Jo Ann speaks with three innovators working to help Minority Depository Institutions modernize their technology to continue serving communities of color.

ARTICLE • How MDIs Are Focusing on Technology Needs to Drive Their Mission

Like all small financial providers, Minority Depository Institutions face a challenging environment staying competitive in the digital era. Through a program developed by AIR, the National Bankers Association and Inclusiv, some MDIs are upping their digital game.

ARTICLE • Article by AIR CEO Explores Bright Future for Digital-Native Compliance

By as early as 2030, generative AI and other innovations will likely spur huge compliance improvements that result in faster data processing, better risk management and other dramatic benefits, Jo Ann Barefoot wrote in ABA Risk and Compliance Magazine.

INITIATIVE • AIR Initiative to Create Digital Transformation Road Map for MDIs

The MDI ConnectTech initiative helps participating Minority Depository Institutions assess their technology capability, identify digital offerings to benefit their customers, and establish a road map to implement third-party digital solutions.

WHITE PAPER • Incentivizing Gigaton-Scale Carbon Dioxide Removal via a Climate-Positive Blockchain

The paper looks at a new crypto token that incentivizes the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at gigaton scale using direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS).

PODCAST • Brave New World: A Conversation with ChatGPT

In this episode, Jo Ann interviews the most famous generative AI. The chat is “unsmart” but it gave responses to complex questions that were accurate and displayed the ability to grasp subtle issues.

EVENT • Make Money Green: How a Changing Climate Affects Financial Regulation

Global efforts to fight climate change mean new challenges and opportunities for companies and regulators, shining a light on everything from the financial stability risk of extreme weather to green financing initiatives to crypto miners’ energy use.

WHITE PAPER • Regtech Manifesto: Redesigning Financial Regulation for the Digital Age

In 2020, the Alliance for Innovative Regulation published this road map for a gradual but urgent conversion of the financial regulatory framework to a digitally native design. One former U.S. agency head called it “the bible for every regulator.”

WHITE PAPER • AIR and Google Release Paper on Applying Model Risk Management Guidance to AI

The paper argues that MRM guidance, given its broad, principles-based approach, continues to provide an appropriate framework for assessing financial institutions’ management of model risk, even for Risk AI/ML models.

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