AIR is a nonprofit dedicated to modernizing the financial regulatory system. We believe that the regulatory framework needs to migrate from a largely manual to a Digitally-Native Design. This will ensure financial stability, protect consumers from harm, promote financial inclusion, curtail financial crime, and enable continuous innovation.

Response to the COVID-19 Crisis - During this time of great challenge and monumental change, AIR is partnering with engineers and regulators to identify how technology can improve the lives of consumers and the stability of small business. Now is the time to stay nimble, embrace innovation and act quickly.

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G20 Global TechSprint

Sponsored by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), this TechSprint will tackle three problem statements distilled from input from central banks and financial regulators throughout the world. It will showcase new solutions for long-standing regulatory challenges. There is an open call for participants. The timeline is short and the deadline to apply has been extended to Wednesday, May 27th.

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Financial Regulators’ Dilemma: Administrative and Regulatory Hurdles to Innovation

Developments in financial technology hold great promise to enhance the quality, however, many of the laws dictating the operations of financial regulators are more than 50 years old. Written at a time when Congress understandably did not anticipate the digital revolution, these protocols now present meaningful obstacles to financial innovation.

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Transforming Financial Regulation to “Digitally-Native” Design: A Request for Comments

Financial regulation needs to convert from analog to digital design. This paper is an RFC calling for gradual but urgent conversion of the financial regulatory system to a “digitally-native” framework – that is, to a system that will be rebuilt over time to leverage the power of digitization to make things work better, faster, and cheaper, all at once.

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Regulation innovation cannot be an oxymoron

Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO of AIR

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