Arjan Schutte

VC - Founder and Managing Partner, Core Innovation Capital

Arjan Schütte is the founder and a managing partner of Core Innovation Capital, a mission-driven venture capital fund investing in financial services companies that empower everyday Americans. His investments include Ripple, Oportun, SynapseFI, Fundera and TIO Networks. Arjan is a sought-after consumer finance expert and a passionate advocate for market-based financial inclusion. He blogs for Forbes, and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Economist, among others. He has spoken everywhere from SxSW to Stanford, from Money2020 to the White House. Arjan served as member of the CFPB’s Consumer Advisory Board and is a Senior Advisor to the Financial Health Network (formerly CFSI), the nation’s leading authority on financial health, which he helped start in 2004. He currently serves on boards including SynapseFI, and PadSplit, and as observer to boards including Fundera, Mosaic, Hugo, and PayJoy. Previous boards include Ripple, and TIO Networks. A number of Arjan’s investments have been successfully excited, including Oportun (IPO), TIO Networks (by PayPal), AccountNow (by Green Dot), CircleLending (by Virgin Group), L2C (by TransUnion), and RentBureau (by Experian). Prior, Arjan spent a decade as an entrepreneur in several venture backed startups as a technology leader and general manager including Pierian Spring Software, Cognitive Concepts (acquired by Houghton Mifflin), Capella Learning (NASDAQ: CPLA), and DoTheGood. Arjan earned his Master’s from the Media Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as an Interval Research Fellow, and his Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Communication at Lewis & Clark College. He commutes between Los Angeles and San Francisco, when he’s not doting on his his wife and two young children, learning the piano or cooking.