October 11, 2021

Today I have something different for you. Last spring, I recorded a conversation for the virtual South by Southwest conference with Cleve Mesidor. Cleve founded the National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain, among other roles. SX had us to talk about the lack of diversity in the tech sector, and what to do about it. We had a great conversation, and we got permission to share it with you as a podcast.

As I said to Cleve, if you had asked me to predict, at the start of my career, whether racial and gender diversity would still be a major challenge in 2021, I would have said no. I would have thought that by now, certainly there would still be vestigial discrimination, but that for the most part, men and women of all races and ethnities would be distributed throughout the workplace, at all levels. Certainly there’s been progress in these decades, but that vision spectacularly has not materialized. 

I think I also would have predicted that young industries, like tech, would just  “grow up” diverse. And that, too, would have been spectacularly wrong. 

Cleve has thought about and worked with this issue for years, and in our conversation she shares insights, advice, and models.

In addition, as her role suggests, she has also worked in and thought about crypto and blockchain for years. I know you’ll be fascinated to hear her thoughts.

Please also note that she is the author of the book, “My Quest for Justice in Politics & Crypto.” 

More on Cleve

Cleve Mesidor leads the National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain and is an Advisor to the Blockchain Association. Recently OneUnited Bank, America’s largest Black-owned bank, recognized Cleve as a member of the “Black Crypto League.” Mayor Muriel Bowser has appointed her to the DC Innovation and Technology Inclusion Council. A Washington insider, Cleve previously served as an Obama Presidential Appointee, a senior staffer in Congress, and in the leadership of national political campaigns. She hosts the annual Congressional Briefing of Women of Color in Blockchain in the nation’s Capitol. Cleve is a Howard University alumna and author of “THE CLEVOLUTION: My Quest for Justice in Politics & Crypto.”

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