Generative AI has the potential to transform the financial regulatory space.

AIR has kicked off a series of exciting initiatives to explore the potential impact of GenAI on financial regulation and the end users of financial services — NextGenAI: The Future of Financial Oversight and Protection. Through our efforts, we aspire to cultivate a cohesive GenAI community within the financial sector, bringing together regulators, innovators, academia and other stakeholders. We believe that for the benefit of consumers, businesses, and the industry as a whole, technological progress and regulatory initiatives should develop in a coordinated manner.

Download AIR’s Generative AI white paper:
AI: Transforming the Future or Triggering Fear? Generative Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Financial Consumers and Regulators

Our NextGenAI series is open to all, however we encourage participation from the following groups:

Financial Authorities

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Technology Providers

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Consumer Advocates

Collaborate and learn during our virtual Shared Learning Series.


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Facilitated discussions about GenAI challenges and opportunities.

Occurred November 2023

Generative AI

Tech Showcase

Demonstrating tech solutions to modernize financial regulation.

Call for Solutions Closed | Demos Begin March 2024


Call for Papers

An opportunity to stimulate thought leadership in the financial ecosystem.

Submit Now | Deadline June 28, 2024


Shared Learning Series

Learning through engaging virtual activities and sessions.

Register Now | Series Begins April 2024


AIR has been engaging with global thought leaders through roundtables and facilitated discussions to hear about the challenges and opportunities for GenAI in financial services.


Tech Showcase


Advancements in technology happen at a rapid pace and financial authorities need to understand, adapt and embrace these changes. The NextGenAI Tech Showcase, hosted by AIR in partnership with the Cambridge Suptech Lab, will allow financial authorities to understand the power and possibilities of GenAI, and explore solutions that could be leveraged for more efficient and effective consumer protection and supervision. It also presents a unique opportunity for technology providers to showcase your GenAI-enabled tool to Regulators who are interested in implementing a GenAI solution.

Call for Solutions

Do you have a GenAI-enabled solution that you believe could address some of the challenges that financial authorities face like:
• Data Analysis and Monitoring
• Compliance Automation
• Risk Assessment
• Fraud Detection
• Policy Development
• Decision Support
• Consumer Protection

Submission period: Dec. 6, 2023 – Feb. 29, 2024

Shortlisted Solutions: March 7, 2024

Demo and Q&A Sessions: March 26, 27, and April 25, 2024

Digital Showcase Released: Week of April 1, 2024

Virtual Solution Showcase

Generative AI

Do you want to see real life examples of GenAI-enabled solutions that could positively support the regulatory activity of financial authorities? Beginning in March 2024, AIR and Cambridge Suptech Lab will provide opportunities for financial authorities, technology providers and consumer advocates to come together to explore the possibilities of the latest tech.

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The Tech Showcase is supported by:

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Call for Papers

Generative AI White Paper

AIR has released a new white paper titled AI: Transforming the Future or Triggering Fear? Generative Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Financial Consumers and Regulators. Authored by AIR Senior Advisor and former global regulator F. Christopher Calabia, it examines the transformative potential and risks associated with the deployment of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in the financial services sector.

A Call for Papers

AIR is inviting others to join in a collaborative dialogue about strategic approaches to adopting GenAI in financial services and financial regulation to benefit and protect consumers.

The call for papers seeks input from a diverse, international, and interdisciplinary audience and is open for public submissions, due by June 28, 2024.

The call for papers is open to all stakeholders, including current or former regulators, central bankers, and policymakers; financial services professionals; technologists; consumer advocates; market observers; and academics and students.

Download full Submission Guidelines.
Download the Submission Questionnaire.

What can you submit?

• White papers
• Blogs
• Videos
• Audio

Suggested topics for exploration

• Examples/Use Cases
• Credit Applications/Underwriting
• Onboarding, KYC, Digital ID
• Protecting Consumers and Preventing Fraud
• Digital Transformation
• Emerging Markets
• Personal Financial Management/Advice
• Combinatorial Possibilities in Types of GenAI
• Generative AI Ethics and Regulation
• Regulatory and Risk Management Pathways
• Impacts on Workforces
• Regulatory Technology and Readiness

Download full suggested topic details.

Shared Learning Series

The NextGenAI virtual shared learning series begins April 2024 and runs through September 2024. These informative and engaging sessions will cover a variety of topics and cater to key stakeholders including financial regulators, financial service providers, technology providers, consumer advocacy groups and academia.

Session Schedule

April 11, 2024: Consumer Protection and Risk in the Age of Generative AI – Emerging Markets

April 25, 2024: Tech Showcase

May 21, 2024: Ethics in the Age of Generative AI – Part 1

May 30, 2024: The Great AI Debate: Generative AI – A Revolutionary Tool or a Threat to Humanity

June 27, 2024: AI Celebrity Interview

September 11, 2024: Ethics in the Age of Generative AI – Part 2

September 17, 2024: AI in Fraud Detection, Prevention and Enablement

September 30, 2024: The Intersection of GenAI and Financial Inclusion

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