Green Finance represents a new frontier for financial companies and their regulators. Regulators will be challenged to identify and mitigate financial system risks that are emerging with climate change, without inadvertently “de-risking” in ways that deny capital flows to vulnerable geographies and sectors. They will also need to assure transparency and integrity in markets as businesses increasingly compete for both customers and investors based on claims of beneficial climate impacts. This latter responsibility, in turn, will be challenged by the need to create or agree upon standards by which these impacts should be measured.

AIR works with partners to ideate and iterate creative solutions, including policy initiatives and new ideas to solve the problems created by global warming.


Podcast: Crypto and Climate, Energy Web CEO Jesse Morrie

Last spring, AIR launched an initiative called the Crypto Climate Accord, a voluntary effort to make the crypto sector carbon neutral by 2030. Our partners in this project are two other nonprofit organizations -- the Rocky Mountain Institute and the Energy Web Foundation. My guest today is Jesse Morris, Energy Web’s CEO and one of the most visionary innovators in the climate space. In this conversation, we talk about the Accord -- what we’re doing and who is joining in. The group includes crypto miners, crypto exchanges, renewable energy providers, and financial services firms offering crypto options. Please note that all kinds of entities that work with crypto are invited to participate.

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AIR Launches Crypto Climate Accord

AIR has been working with the broader crypto-community, the United Nations, the Rocky Mountain Institute and Energy Web to launch the Crypto Climate Accord to help the industry transition to 100% renewable energy by 2025.

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