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The MDI ConnectTech Initiative seeks to provide underserved communities of color with more competitive and better financial services options by assisting MDIs in modernizing their technology capabilities.

AIR — Alliance for Innovative Regulation, in partnership with the National Bankers Association (NBA), and its nonprofit affiliate, the National Bankers Community Alliance (NBCA), is searching for a Technology Consultant to assess the digital modernization technology needs of a select group of Minority Depository Institutions (MDI), identify third party technology solutions to fit those needs, and work hand-in-hand with each MDI to craft a customized plan to integrating the third party technology solution.


💲 Salary commensurate with experience

🩺 Healthcare coverage

📈 Retirement plans

🏡 Primarily a work-from-home position, with occasional travel as needed

🌴 Flexible time off

Job Description

The Technology Consultant is responsible for managing all aspects of the technology assessments, technology solution identification, and integration plan for multiple MDIs. As a Technology Consultant you will be at the core of understanding and responding to MDIs’ business and technology challenges and digital modernization needs. You will be involved in a range of activities from helping MDIs shape their technology and digital modernization vision, supporting MDIs to develop their technology strategy and developing their transformation implementation activities. This is an 18 month grant funded position.

Responsibilities & Deliverables


Provide project management and change management support on large scale transformation by:

⏵ Assessing MDIs’ current operating and technology structure – including IT opportunity assessment, information strategy, sourcing strategy, enterprise architecture strategy and more

⏵ Identifying and documenting opportunities for improvement in operations and technology structure

⏵ Creating and executing strategy of assessing the existing tech stack for individual MDI’s and third-party integrator selection, vendor selection, application, solution architecture

⏵ Delivering advisory services to all the C Suite functions of the MDI such as CIO/CTO/CDO etc


Work in multi-disciplinary teams to shape, propose, communicate and create digital solutions integration plans by:

⏵ Creating vetting strategy of third party vendors, applications, or other digital solutions

⏵ Garnering stakeholder buy-in of vetting strategy

⏵ Identifying and vetting third party vendors, applications, or other digital solutions

⏵ Providing recommendations of best-fit third party vendors, applications, or other digital solutions for each MDI


Develop customized integration plans for each MDI by:

⏵ Developing and documenting business cases and implementation roadmaps to support integration

⏵ Scoping comprehensive technology strategies

⏵ Identifying improved capabilities across business processes, people and technology

⏵ Managing risk and creating a risk assessment

Requirements & Qualifications

⏵ A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, information systems, computer engineering, or similar

⏵ Good business acumen to find the best way to support technology assessment and implementation

⏵ Background in Business and in IT architecture, as well as experience in business and IT collaboration

⏵ Ability to rapidly assess the IT implications of business strategy and the business implications of IT strategy

⏵ Good understanding of architecture definition and planning for key industry processes and for multichannel environments

⏵ Deep experience in developing integration and digital modernization plans which are detailed, actionable and aligned with industry best practices and meet the needs of the financial institution

⏵ Understanding of emerging financial technology trends and impact on overall enterprise architecture, operating model, and financial regulation requirements

⏵ Experience and/or working knowledge of community bank and credit union technology, products, and core providers/services

⏵ Good understanding of IT Operating Model. Knowledge of emerging agile enterprise frameworks (SaFe, DAD, Less) is a plus

⏵ Bilingual – Spanish preferred

About AIR

AIR is a nonprofit, non-membership organization working to make the financial system fully inclusive, fair and resilient through responsible use of new technology. By connecting regulation, finance, technology and society, AIR drives global innovation and collaboration to overcome the system’s legacy shortcomings and prepare it for rapid technology change.

Financial regulation works as an invisible force shaping people’s lives. It aims to prevent mistreatment, bias, instability and corruption while ensuring that everyone has equal access and fair opportunity. Jo Ann Barefoot and David Ehrich founded AIR in 2019 to strengthen this force through new technology. AIR helps government and industry develop and scale up responsible innovation to solve systemic problems, including financial exclusion, race and gender discrimination, deceptive and predatory practices, climate change, economic instability, and financial crimes like human trafficking.

AIR’s Guiding Principles

WE BELIEVE in strong, effective regulation that protects consumers and fosters competitive, resilient financial markets.

WE BELIEVE in the responsible use of technology to improve the financial system for everyone.

WE BELIEVE in diversity and collaboration as essential to sound innovation.

WE BELIEVE in continuous learning and education to match rapid shifts in technology.

WE BELIEVE in leading change with transparency and integrity.

WE BELIEVE in boldly inventing the future of financial regulation, together.

About NBA

NBA is the leading trade association for Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) and serves as an advocate for the nation’s MDIs as well as the communities they serve.

About NBCA

NBCA is the 501(c)(3) arm of the NBA established to close the racial wealth gap by providing programs, services and resources to support MDIs and their communities.

The MDI Initiative is supported in part by Visa.

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